What benefits to offer in the cafeteria plan?

Within a cafeteria plan, you can in principle offer a range of benefits. As an SME or even larger company, it is best - in the first year of implementation - to keep it simple.

Roxane Lauwereins

Legal Manager

September 19, 2022

The 5 most popular benefits

Here are the 5 most popular benefits with businesses:

  • Extra holidays
  • Repayment of individual pension savings
  • Health Insurance
  • Bicycle lease
  • Multimedia

Extra holidays

Within the cafeteria plan, employees can select additional vacation days in addition to the vacation days already granted in the employment contract. As an employer, you choose for which calendar year employees can select additional vacation days. 

Bicycle lease

Within the cafeteria plan, employees can opt for a bicycle lease. What is important here is that employees do not purchase a bicycle themselves, but are provided with it by the employer, who leases the bicycle from a third party. 


Within the cafeteria plan, employees can also choose IT devices (electronics). Examples include a smartphone, tablet, laptop, headphones or a printer. 

Health Insurance

Within the cafeteria plan, employees can also choose (additional) health insurance. The most common insurance in the cafeteria plan is outpatient medical expense insurance for employees and their families

Outpatient medical expense insurance covers day-to-day medical expenses for the employee and his family, excluding expenses for hospitalizations (hospitalization). Examples include: licensed medications, dental and orthodontic costs, physical therapy, psychologists, glasses, lenses, dental care, etc. 

Repayment of individual pension savings

Within the cafeteria plan, employees can also opt for a refund from individual retirement savings (pillar 3). This choice provides employees with a refund of contributions made last year under an individual retirement savings plan (through their bank or an insurance broker). 

Note that this type of retirement savings has nothing to do with statutory pension (pillar 1) or group insurance (pillar 2).

What else is possible?

In addition to these 5 popular benefits, a company can also offer other benefits in the cafeteria plan. 

 Payflip briefly lists the most important benefits for you here:

  • Benefits related to the company car, such as upgrading the company car (financing of the additional TCO amount through the cafeteria plan) and ordering additional options (GPS, etc.)
  • International fuel card (for gasoline and electric commercial vehicles)
  • Internet @Home
  • Charging Pole
  • Training budget

Please note that not every benefit can simply be offered in the cafeteria plan! Payflip closely follows the administrative guidelines of the tax administration and the NSSO.

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