Flexible salaries

The war on talent is in full swing.
Employees expect an optimised salary package, tailored to their individual needs.

As an SME you can also make a difference.

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What is flexible pay?

A flexible reward policy takes the personal interests of employees into account, as well as the ambitions of the company.

With a flexible reward policy, as an SME, you create a legal and workable framework in which your employees can put together (part of) their own salary package.

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Why flexible salaries?

The essence of a smart reward policy is to find a win-win for employee and employer.

A smart reward policy meets the individual needs of your employee, without leaving a crater in your budget.

What if that one top performer attaches great importance to that class car or that extra health insurance? With a smart reward policy, you show commitment without increasing your wage costs.

How do I start?

As an employer, how do you start with flexible salaries?

An informed man is worth two.

To start with flexible salaries you first have to know what is and what is not possible.

What does my current salary package look like? How does a cafeteria plan or mobility budget fit in? Can I have part of the salary filled in flexibly?

Download our salary guide and find out clearly and practically what your options are. Or ask all your questions directly to a Payflip expert!

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The guide to flexible rewarding

"Bolstered by the 'on demand' experience of contemporary players like Netflix and Spotify, employees also increasingly expect to be able to be paid "à la carte." More than 70% of employees say it is important to be able to put together their own pay package."
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