Tailor-made mobility budget for SMEs

Payflip helps you to implement a mobility budget in your SME without any worries. Give your employees the freedom to choose their own mobility options. Without legal or fiscal worries.

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Mobility budget

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"Flexible salaries' are being called the HR trend of the coming years. With the mobility budget, you can finally offer the long-awaited answer to the company car."
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With the help of Payflip, you as an employer can...

...drawing up a watertight annex to the employment contract

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Just as with a company car, it is best to lay down the rules of the mobility budget within your company in a policy. This policy is added as an appendix to the employment contract of your employees. Together with you, Payflip draws up a watertight mobility policy, tailored to your SME.

...correctly calculate the amount of the mobility budget

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Not sure how to calculate the right amount of the budget? You can also rely on Payflip for this. All in the same package deal!

...automatically produce legal documents

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Payflip ensures the legally correct handling of the cafeteria plan. We draw up a policy for you that sets out the rules of the cafeteria plan in your company. In addition, the Payflip tool also takes care of the electronic signing of an appendix to the employment contract each time an employee makes a choice of benefit. Completely free from legal follow-up!

...get an answer to all your legal and tax questions

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Payflip helps you to see the forrest for the trees. We guide you through the mobility budget procedure. Without unexpected consultancy costs. With an eye for your needs.

What is the mobility budget?


The mobility budget is a tax newcomer since 2019 and aims to encourage the choice of environmentally friendly mobility within a company.

Employees and employers who opt for the mobility budget can spend the entire budget that would normally be spent by the employer on a company car on other more environmentally friendly options.

For employers, the introduction of a mobility budget is a budget-neutral operation.

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Three mobility pillars

The mobility budget consists of three main pillars on which your employees can spend their budget.

Pillar 1 mobility budget

Environmentally friendly company car

Within this pillar, the employee can choose:

  • an electric car
  • An environmentally friendly car that meets certain standards.

The budget that remains after spending it in pillar 1 can be spent in pillars 2 and/or 3.

Pillar 2 mobility budget

Transport and accommodation

Within this pillar, the employee can choose a range of sustainable transport modes, such as:

  • an (electric) bike;
  • public transport;
  • a shared car;
  • etc.

Employees who live within 5 km of their workplace can also use the mobility budget to finance their rent or mortgage interest!

Pillar 3 mobility budget


If the mobility budget is not (completely) spent in pillars 1 and/or 2, the employee can receive the remaining amount in cash.

This amount is first reduced by a special employee contribution of 38.07%.

This contribution is used to build up social rights, such as pension rights, with the exception of the right to annual leave.

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